The best music video 

How many times have you been watching a tv show and have heard a song that catches your attention? TV has become a very important medium for promoting music. However, I am not referring to normal promotional visits artists do like interviews and such. I am talking about original content such as novelas and series.

Even when in recent years novelas have declined in popularity in Latin America (many times due to rising English language series), novelas still have an incalculable value for artists.

Why? Exposure is massive: not only do they reach Spanish speaking countries but also they get their music heard in remote places such as Eastern Europe.

Nunca te olvidaré, an Enrique Iglesias classic was also the title of a Mexican novela.

 Having a theme song in a novela or even just getting a feature in one scene is an opportunity no artist should waste. Be advised that I am not saying that every song that gets played on a show is going to be a hit, but certainly it helps. Even if you do not like the song, it is possible that since you hear it from Monday through Friday, multiple times, you will end up changing your mind or, at least, you will know its name and who sings it—something many new artists seek: recognition.

Fiera Inquieta was a hit thanks to the successful Pasión de Gavilanes.

There are many elements that have to come together for a novela song to work.Without a doubt, the quality of the music and the tv production influence greatly. Sometimes songs are more famous than the novela as was the case with Enrique Iglesias’Cuando Me Enamoro and the show of the same name.

The best blend between a show and a song happens when you think of the song when they name the show and viceversa. Listening to songs over and over during those romantic scenes make us feel closer to those melodies; a strong bond that helps both parties.

The effectiveness of having a song in novelas can be proven with hundreds of examples. It is clear: the best music video that an artist can have is novela sceneLaura

Pausini’s Víveme would have never been the hit it was without being part of Televisa’s La Madrastra.

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