Review — Raquel Sofía “Te quiero los domingos”

Raquel Sofía is a Puerto Rican singer songwriter that sang back-up for Shakira and Juanes. Sang and will never sang again, because judging by the music on “Te quiero los domingos,” she deserves all the success on her own. Although the album per se was just released, she has been putting out different singles for a few months now: a distinct strategy and one that is certainly more digitally friendly. Check out a song-by-song review below.

“Lo que te di” (What I gave to you) — The albums starts out with a fun, refreshing song with clear reggae influences. It is catchy and simple. Perfect for a beach day.

“Tú me tratas así. Yo lo que te di fue a amor.”  4/5

“Sí” (Yes) — The first few verses reminded me of Shakira’s classic “Qué me quedes tú”, however the song takes a life of its own quickly. It is a song that exudes happiness and that will probably will be very fun live with an audience shouting the catchy “dime que sí, que sí, que sí.”

“Yo quiero estar a tu lado, viejitos sentados, amor arrugado.” 5/5

“Agridulce” (Bittersweet)— It was the second song she released and the one that has captured the most attention probably because of its clear message: you always want to be better when you are with someone else, yet, that does not mean you have to change completely. Of the whole album, this one is the safest bet to be a hit on the radio.

“Dime, dime si estoy mal. Yo trato de mejorar, pero mucho no puedo cambiar si quieres que te bese igual.” 5/5

“Te amo idiota” (I love you idiot) — My favorite song on the album. The lyrics are funny and ironic: even if she tries to heckle him at the end she still loves him. The music complements the message perfectly: it makes the desperation even more powerful. I had the opportunity to see her perform and this song live is even better than the album version.

“Yo no soy fácil ni bruta pero tu eres un muy buen hijo e’ pu-puro animal.” 5/5
“Cada día” (Everyday)— One of the few slow songs on the album, and one that feels a little out-of-place. Her voice sounds amazing but it simply does not feel part of the group of songs. Even then, everytime I listen to it I like it even more.
“Bésame más, hazme creer, hazme volar.” 4/5
“Hombres como tú” (Men like you)— One of the best on the album. It is the single ladies song: it is full of snarky lines. Its soaring chorus is the catchiest of the bunch. Can’t wait to hear it live!
“Hombres como tú sirven para dos cosas nada más: meter y sacar…te de mi altar.” 5/5 
“Te odio los sábados” (Hate you on Saturdays) — Without a doubt, blues suit her voice but this one also feels like an outsider on the album. Fun fact: it is the second most streamed song of hers on Spotify, which demonstrate that people still like those vintage sounds even when they do not have a place on radio. The best part? The curious title and the fact that it has a “sequel.”
“Odio tu nombre y este corazón que le responde.”  4/5
“Te quiero los domingos” (Love you on Sundays”— The response for “Te odio los sábados” reminds me a bit to Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles. I love the chorus and its country sounds. This song definitely makes you smile.
“Te odio cada sábado pero el domingo vuelvo y te quiero.” 5/5
“Agua Bendita” (Blessed water) — A song that originally appeared in Pedro Capó’s last album in an alternate version. However, both are equally fun and catchy. Love it!
“De tus labios yo quiero ser la musa, tu tienes algo que engatusa”. 5/5
“La Ecuación” (The equation) — She closes the album with the first song she released. It is not the worst song yet it falls short in comparison to the others. However, it is very representative of Raquel Sofía’s sound and style.
“Si cada vez que me haces daño escribo una canción, voy a volverme famosa a cuenta de tu traición.” 4/5 
Without a doubt, it is one of the best Latin pop albums out there (if we most classify it). Raquel Sofía is just starting but she has a clear advantage: her style is unique and nobody sounds like her. If this is the start, can’t wait for what’s next!

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