Review – Pedro Capó “Aquila”

For my first blog post, I decided to write about one of my favorite artists: Pedro Capó. Without a doubt, he has been one of the few artists that have broke into the Puerto Rico musical scene in the last few years. He is very talented and after the list of hits he has had at local radio, many were waiting for this album. Here you have a pretty long (sorry!) review about the album that was just released:

  • “Todo Me Recuerda A Ti” – The album starts with an upbeat, fun, romantic song. I love that you can hear the coquí (Puerto Rican frog) in the background. 4/5
  • “#FiebreDeAmor”– We could say that technically this was the first single of the album although it was released almost a year ago. When I heard it for first time, I liked it but didn’t love it mostly because I felt the lyrics were somewhat generic. However, musically it has grown on me and I now like it a lot. The only thing that I really do not like about this song is the decision to write it with a hashtag. It’s a trend that doesn’t always work and this is a perfect example (on the contrary: Tommy Torres’ “#QueridoTommy” made sense since the song talked about a tweet a fan wrote to him). In this case, I feel like it doesn’t do anything for the song and it even complicates marketing the song since, for example, if you search for “#fiebredeamor” on Spotify it won’t even show up. But anyway, it is a pretty song and love how he sings it live. 4/5
  • “Para ayudarte a reír” – The song that is being promoted right now and certainly the right choice. It’s a happy, simple song. I feel like Capó sings with a smile and this song is the perfect example. I don’t know if you’ll get me, but he sings with a certain joy, he has something in his voice that transmits so much positive energy. I can’t wait to hear it live. I love the song’s last chorus that starts with “y hacerte cosquillitas” that without a doubt makes any girl giggle. 5/5
  • “Qué pasaría” – Another super positive song. For me, this is the “La vida va” of this album: a philosophical song written in a very light and entertaining way. I love how he sings the verses and certainly makes you smile. 5/5
  • “Qué fuimos” – (Finally) The first balad of the album and the first song that puts a break on the happy-go-lucky feel of the first 4 songs. It’s a hearfealt balad with a new Mexican group, Matisse. Capó’s vocal performance makes this song work. I love how he sings that tough question “Qué fuimos?”. I would assume it will become a single since the album doesn’t have many balads and he is mostly known for that type of songs (at least at radio). 5/5
  • “Compartir la soledad” – Another song that I’m sure will be very entertaining live. I love its rhythm and it gives makes the song’s sad subject seem pretty light. It is the first of a few collaborations with Luis Fernando Ochoa who is better known for the many hits he has written with Shakira (way back when Shakira was a “rockerita” as Residente Calle 13 would say). Without a doubt, he gives this and the other songs, a very catchy rhythm. 5.5
  • “Libre” – I love the lyrics, I think it is one of the most metaphorical songs and the chorus is very catchy. 4/5
  • “Pido Perdón” – The first time I heard it I instantly thought it was the most commercial song of the album specially with the “oh oh oh” in the chorus. It is definitely one of the most fun songs. You can certainly catch Capó’s distinct playfulness. It also has that Mexican pop feel similar to Paulina Rubio’s “Dame Otro Tequila”). 4/5
  • “Más de lo que soy” – The second ballad and written by Capó and Kany García, Puerto Rico’s other next big star. Kany’s influence is pretty obvious, specially on the chorus where I can even imagine her singing it. It’s a heartbreak song more in line with Capó’s second album. 4/5
  • “Al Final” – Another up beat song, it has a nice rhythm and lyrics yet it isn’t one of the best on the album. At this point, I would have left this song out and added another ballad. 3/5
  • “Vivo” – For me, the best song on the album and probably my favorite among all of his songs. It’s just epic. I had the opportunity to hear it live a few years ago at one of his concerts and wow, I loved it at that moment and I love it now. It’s beautiful, powerful, and, best of all, very simple. My only complaint is that, in my opinion, it is a bit overproduced: this song only needed a guitar and his voice, nothing else. However, it still is a great song no matter what. 5/5
  • “Agua Bendita” – The last song on the album and what a song! It is different to the rest. It is a duet with up-and-coming singer Raquel Sofía who is just starting out yet has such a unique style that will definitely get her far. The song is fun, refreshing and very catchy. I love that both of them basically rap half of the song. 5/5

Overall, it’s a very entertaining CD and very representative of Capó’s music. My only complaint would be that it does not have enough ballads. I imagine has to do with the fact that most of his known songs are ballads so he doesn’t want to be known only for that but, a few more wouldn’t have hurt! Aside from that, it is a very nice album perfect for playing it live. Hopefully he’ll be able to break into the Latin American market. I definitely recommend the album!


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