Review – Jesse & Joy “Ecos de amor”

For me there’s nothing better than when artist releases music that surpasses his previous work, and if something describes Jesse & Joy it’s exactly that. With every album they have grown and matured; “Ecos de Amor” is the most recent example. If I had to pick one word to describe it, I would use majestic. With impecable production, beautiful melody and the pure magic of Joy’s voice, this song is certainly special. My only complain? Maybe the fact that the lyrics are a bit too convoluted, and vague. It’s not as self-explanatory as the gut-wrenching “Corre.” However, with every listen you are able to discover a new side of it and that is not easy to do.

“Veo tu rostro frente a mi, siento que aún estás aquí. Todo mi cuerpo te extraña”.

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