Old Sounds Revitalize Latin Alternative Pop

Something strange is happening in the Latin American indie pop scene: vintage sounds are making a comeback….and I love it!

In the past few years, and particularly woman singer songwriters, have released modern music infused with not-so-new sounds and interpretative styles.

One of the best examples is Chilean singer Mon Laferte, who, with a clear influence from Amy Winehouse, has managed to become a well-known figure in her native Chile and in other markets like Mexico. Her interpretative style is so unique and fresh! You just have to see her take over the stage at the popular Viña del Mar festival to confirm she’s one to watch.

Another singer who’s carving her own path is Ile, the PG-13 of Calle 13, who’s evidently matured and grown up after a few years touring the world alongside her talented brothers. Her debut album, Ilevitable, is like getting into a time machine: an unforgettable journey where her voice takes you far right from the start. Songs like “Triángulo” (with theatrical stops: “Tengo un triángulo…perdón, tengo un triángulo”) stand out at first listen. Without a doubt, she’s the most relevant voice that has emerged from Puerto Rico in recent years.

One of the artist that has taken advantage of this new-old sound trend, is Mexican star Natalia Lafourcade, who started out being a rebel, rocker type and has in recent years shifted her sound towards more traditional rhythms of Mexican legends; through which she has developed a unique style and sound.

Critical (Natalia, Ile) and popular (specially Mon) acclaim are proof that not everything has to be the tropipop that is dominating the Latin airwaves. Hopefully we’ll see one of these ladies next to Yankee’s and Maluma’s hits.