More latin women in the charts, but at what cost?

For the first time in a long time, there’s a few women being part of the latin charts. The problem? These artists, mostly urban singers, are arriving at the top of the charts with songs that, although no one can deny they’re catchy, continue to depict woman merely as sexualize objects. 

The most recent examples include songs like Becky G’s “Mayores,” her duo with Natti Natasha “Sin Pijama” and Karol G’s “Mi Cama.” All of them are talented, young latin women, yet their songs perpetuate all the things that people have criticized about reggeaton and urban genres in general. 

It’s a good sign that at last we are seeing latin women singing in Spanish get their time in the spotlight, but is it really positive if we take into consideration what type of content they’re releasing? The ideal scenario would be more “Yo decido el cuando, el donde y con quien” and less “Si tú me llamas nos vamos pa tu casa, nos quedamos en la cama, sin pijama, sin pijama”…That will happen when, aside from singers, women songwriters get their space in these genres.